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みんなの願い事 Everyone’s Wish

みんなの願い事 Everyone's Wish アーティストインレジデンス Hidemi Shimuraみんなの願い事 Everyone's Wish アーティストインレジデンス Hidemi Shimuraみんなの願い事 Everyone's Wish アーティストインレジデンス Hidemi Shimura



幸せ 37
平和 25
家族 21
健康 20
愛情 19
友達 17
夢 12
仕事 10
生活 9
勉強 8
新年 7 (新年の抱負とか)
お金 5
その他 28  (子供が絵だけ画いてあったり分類不可能なもの)







In solo exhibition in Suzhou, I did a installation work that let every write a wish and hang it on bamboo. I brought back all the artworks to Shanghai, then I’ve read all the ‘wish’ and classified each ‘wish’ and counted them.

Here it is ↓

Happiness 37
Peace 25
Family 21
Health 20
Love 19
Friend 17
Dream 12
Job 10
Life 9
Study 8
New Year 7 (new year’s wish, etc.)
Money 5
Others 28 (children only draw picture or something hard to classify)

As I guessed, to wish family, friend, lover’s happiness & health was No.1 wish.
I was surprised by less person write about getting more money. ( but I did …)

Why I decided to do this is ;
At that time when I was getting ready for this exhibition, the relationship between Japan & China was especially bad. I even worried about this exhibition might be postponed.

Relationship between nation and nation can be difficult because each side need to care for each one’s profit. But in any countries, most of the people are spending ordinal life, what they need and want for their life can be almost the same. I just wanted to confirm this aspect.

Since I live in China, people in Japan often ask me ‘ Are you OK ? ‘, but my life in here is just ‘normal’. I guess wherever I live, it’s the same in most of the countries. I agree that China is a kind of abnormal country, but it’s too much exaggerated by media.

But in every country that is ordinary civilian people who are playing major role in their daily life. It’s not government or media who is playing this role.

I wanted to express these matters by this installation work, but I guess it wasn’t enough. So I’ll keep on doing this project.

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