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 書き直しに当たって書き方を指南してるページをもう一回読んでみると、Artist statement should be as much as personal だって書いてあって自分がなぜこの作品を作るのか?作品と自分の関係を極めて個人的観点から書いたものであるべきらしい。

Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work
Ariane Goodwin (著)

When I make these artworks, I look at some photographs. I pick up colours from these photos and coil it on cutted board. I need to look and look again at a photograph, then I feel like visiting the place in photograph, I can feel some happiness and calmness from doing it. Though I’m sitting in my room, my imagination is going abroad.
The concept of the artwork is about barcode, so you may feel there’s some criticism about wasting money. Wasting money means wasting resources which leads to environmental destruction. So everyone thinks it’s one of the crisis of the world.
But I myself used to spend much money, (eat tastey food much, drink well, buy fashionable cloth, buy something I really don’t need). In old Japan, to live with a few things was a fashionable way of life, but people (including me) forget about it. Recently, making these artworks made me re-think about these kind of philosophy. Then I’m trying to make my life simple.
I don’t know what people may feel and think by seeing my artworks. But I’m always interested in what people feel and think. It’s much fun to find the difference between people and people, to know and accept the difference is a great thing. And I think artist is a nice job because we can see what people think by showing our artworks.

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