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ランカウイ島 No.1 Langkawi, Malaysia -Durian Perangin Waterfall, Tangjung Rhu Beach-





I’ve been to Langkawi island, Malaysia, so I’ll add my photos little by little. Langkawi is a new beach resort, since there are both of beach and mountain area, we can enjoy all of beach, mangrove forest and jungle.

And also there are many kinds of wild animals, this island is a popular bird watching spot.

There are cheap hotels for backpackers and luxury five star hotels (for Arabic millionaire?), so many different types of people visit Langkawi.

These photos start from Durian Perangin Waterfall, because of dry season there is little water now. Normally this waterfall has more water and shows dynamic view.

And beautiful beach in Tanjung Rhu Beach, I went there about 7pm so there were not so many people.

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