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ランカウイ島 No.3 クアタウンのナイトマーケット Langkawi, Malaysia -Night Market at Kuah Town-





Night market is being held somewhere every day in Langkawi island , I went to the night market of Kuah Town, the center of the island.

They sell many things from daily goods to local foods. These foods I tried  ( muffin with coconut flavor cream inside, samosa with sweet cream in, the fried fish with meringue, etc) were very nice.

But people in Langkawi prefer eating sweets and deep-fried foods, unfortunately life expectancy seems to short in this island . Since the entire island is duty-free, chocolate was cheap and I saw many local people buying lots of chocolate in chocolate shops (I also bought many though…).

Since I could see interesting lives of local people, I really recommend visiting night market in Langkawi.

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