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ランカウイ島 No.6 シーカヤックdeマングローブ Langkawi, Malaysia -Sea Kayak in Mangrove-






I really recommend Langkawi Island sea kayak tour in mangrove. There’s also mangrove tour by boat, but I recommend sea kayak. Since sea kayak is more silent because there’s no engine sound so animal don’t run away, and by sea kayak we can go into narrow waterways, we can see nature closer.

Since I had systemic muscle pain by rafting down before, so actually I kind of hesitated to join this tour. But sea kayaking was no difficult at all actually, I was not tired at all .

I really love mangrove, so this time I could see more and more and more mangrove, I was quite satisfied.

Malay cuisine dinner  after sea kayaking cooked by local aunt was super excellent.

As I heard there are two sea kayaking tour company in Langkawi, one is Japanese , one is English. This time I joined Japanese one.

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