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参加者募集 ‘Intrude: Art & Life 366’ 上海証大現代美術館

参加者募集 'Intrude: Art & Life 366' 上海証大現代美術館 公募&AIR Hidemi Shimura
 最近受け取ったとあるニュースレターによると上海の浦東世紀公園近くにある新しい美術館上海証大現代美術館‘Intrude: Art & Life 366’ というイベントの参加者を募集しています。


Join ‘Intrude: Art & Life 366’in Shanghai

Intrude: Art & Life 366 is an unprecedented event in the city of Shanghai. Starting on January 1st 2008 and ending on December 31st 2008, the Zendai Museum of Modern Art (Zendai MoMA) will present a cultural event to the people of Shanghai every single day of the year. This cross-cultural and interdisciplinary project is called Intrude: Art & Life 366 and aims to intervene in people’s daily lifes, engage them to take part in art happenings and stimulate the public debate on art. An event of this scale and influence has never taken place in China before.

Curated by the director of the Zendai MoMA, Mr. Shen Qibin, Intrude: Art & Life 366 is a interdisciplinary project that connects culture and daily life in many forms and through different media. With a total of 366 events happening throughout the year, the events will be very diverse and will come from different cultural fields — exhibitions, site-specific installations, performances, concerts, film screenings, debates, etc. In order to present their work differently, artists will explore new concepts and venture out into the public sphere.

Intrude: Art & Life 366 will present 366 different cultural events, taking place in public and private venues like parks, gardens, squares, shopping areas, etc. 100 Chinese and 266 international artists will participate, including local and internationally well-known artists and curators like Gu Wenda, Wang Jianwei, Yang Fudong, Xu Zhen, etc. There will also be collaborations with local and foreign institutions like the National Acadamy of Art in Hangzhou, the Centre for Contemporary Art & Politics, College of Fine Arts University of New South Wales in Australia, Institut pour la Ville-en-Mouvement in Paris etc.

Intrude: Art & Life 366 was created as a long-term project, continuing beyond the 366 days of events. All of the events will be methodically archived and will be presented in the future as international touring exhibitions. In addition, Zendai MoMA will regularly publish catalogues with scholarly essays on the projects and related ideas and issues, and magazines to inform people on the progress of the project.

How to participate – Zendai MoMA is inviting artists, galleries, museums, curators and performers to participate in this remarkable and ambitious project. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this project, artists active in different fields (visual arts, music, theatre, dance, etc.) and people from different backgrounds (writers, actors, philosophers, architects etc.) can submit proposals by filling out a proposal form and sending it to Zendai MoMA’s Intrude project team. All works that can be realized in different public or private spaces in Shanghai are welcomed. To download the proposal form please visit or write to

ABOUT Zendai MoMA – Founded in 2005 and located in Pudong New Area in Shanghai, Zendai MoMA exhibits and collects innovative contemporary art from China and around the world. Zendai MoMA’s diverse program covers a broad spectrum of cultural activities, including film screenings, talks and educational events, theatre and music performances, and exhibiting visual and new media arts. The museum facilities include 4 galleries, a classroom, a gift shop/bookshop and a caf?. Covering 3000m2, and located in one of the fastest-developing areas of Shanghai, Zendai MoMA functions as a bridge between the local and international community, connecting both to the world of arts.

For more info contact Liz Coppens, Project Coordinator (Curatorial Department) at or visit

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