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寧波博物館 Ningbo Museum No.2


Inside Ningbo Museum is also quite large.
In third floor, they exhibit old houses and traditional events in this area. In second floor, they exhibit culture and history from primitive times to the end of Opium War. It seems they always change exhibition in first floor. Now they are showing Buddha statue exhibition.
The volume of the exhibition was quite a lot than I had expected. Because my camera was out of battery around the Ming Dynasty, there’s no photo after that. The port of Ningbo has very long history of trading with Japan. Japan envoys in Tang dynasty also arrived in Ningbo. Monk, such as Ganjin was left for Japan from here. So they often mention about Japan in exhibition.
This museum is in suburb of Ningbo and it takes long time to see, visiting there as one-day trip from center of Ningbo is better. In China, national museums and art museums are all free except for special exhibitions.

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