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本色美術館レジデンス応募方法 How to apply True Color Museum

本色美術館レジデンス応募方法 How to apply True Color Museum 蘇州, アーティストインレジデンス Hidemi Shimura





About Artist in Residence in True Color Museum :
Artist in residence in this museum is planned as a opened platform to exchange the art, and all domestic and foreign contemporary artist can apply. After application, the committee in this museum decides the last candidate through the conference. The selected artist will stay in this museum for one month to six months and create artworks. The museum provides a comfortable room in the artist’s apartment and a bright spacious studio free of charge. And, offers the chance of the exhibition with the museum according to artist’s production situation. The artist him/herself pays an eating and drinking, traffic, of be staying individual safety management by oneself. The artist up to ten people can be accepted to this museum at the same time.

Application will be accecpted at any time. Send E-mail to ask for application form, fill it and send it back.
Selection process may need longer period, so please be sure you have enough time beforehand.

This museum is in the industrial zone in suburbs, there are factories and the number of the canal, the old chinese style houses, and one supermarket. Inside the museum, it’s comfortable and quiet at night, and good for making artworks.

 After residency, if museum prefer your artwork, they will buy your work. Otherwise you can bring them back with you. You don’t need to donate your work here.

 It appeared to be my misunderstanding. Residency artist need to donate some artworks at the end of residency.

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