Group Show “Dekotokonoma Ten” Vol.3

Group Show "Dekotokonoma Ten" Vol.3  Hidemi ShimuraI’m exhibiting a pair of my artworks at a group exhibition in Kitaaoyama, Tokyo.
This exhibition is especially for artworks to decorate an alcove space of a Japanese room “Tokonoma”.
Tokonoma is normally decorated with a pair of hanging roll artwork (like ink painting or Japanese painting) and arranged flower (Ikebana). So this time each artist made a pair of hanging work and three dimensional work to put in bottom.

I sewed many cut code-bars by sewing machine and used as background, and put red coiled embroidery threads parts in front ( this is my technique I always does), at the bottom I arranged my artwork and flower base and flower together.

About 20 artists joined this exhibition and made artworks using different technique and material. I think this exhibition is very unique and every can enjoy these works. So if you are in Tokyo, please come to visit Aoyama!

Group Show “Dekotokonoma Ten” Vol.3
Jan 26 (Tue)- Feb 7 (Sun), 2016
12:00~19:00(Last Day: 12:00-17:00)Closed on Monday
gallery DAZZLE
#101 Yamanishi Build. 2-12-20 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Group Show "Dekotokonoma Ten" Vol.3  Hidemi Shimura
Group Show "Dekotokonoma Ten" Vol.3  Hidemi Shimura