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LEGO exhibitibion “The art of the brick” at Super brand mall, Shanghai

Now there is a LEGO exhibition -The art of the brick-  on going at Super Brand Mall · (in front of Oriental Pearl Tower ) at the 9th floor, until 27th October.
Artworks made by ​​LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya in NY are displayed.

I’ve been there on Outober 1st (National Day of China ), around the Oriental Pearl Tower was super crowded and it took long time to arrive at Super Brand Mall. But, the exhibition is at the 9th floor and admission was 50 RMB (in China, it’s a little bit expensive), so it’s not crowded at all.

When I entered the venue first there is a Terracotta Warrior, the exhibition start from something familiar -such as people, goods-, and goes on to artistic works. I think some of them can be difficult for children to understand, but it is important for children to know these works are made by LEGO which they always play with, and think may be they can also make something like this.

I myself is a big fan of LEGO so I thought “I can also make something like this”. May be when you visit art museum, you may think “I can also make this artwork.”, actually it is a good thing because creativity come from thinking like this and you may create something by yourself. I always think basically artists are just making what the other people can also make, we just spend time on it instead of that other people who don’t have enough time to do that.

At the venue, I could see an 3D CG animation about the history and development of the LEGO company. It was made in such a high quality I thought they can show it in movie theater.

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