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アーティストステーツメント -no2-


         Walk Around Around The Ordinary World

 A technique of making my artworks is coiling embroidery threads to thin cutted acrylic boards. Actually there’s nothing new in this technique, a textile designer sometimes do this to figure out the color images, before they start designing their fabrique.I learned that when I attended a lecture of textile design.
 A few years after, an image and concept of this work suddenly hit on my head. Then I started making them.
 The concept of work is about barcode, so you may feel there’s some criticism about wasting money. Wasting money means wasting resources which leads to environmental destruction. So everyone thinks it’s one of the crisis of the world.
 But to be honest, I myself as a consumer, I like wasting money. I like eating tastey food. I like buying fashionable cloth. So in my head, myself as environmental protecter and myself as money waster are always fighting together.
 Like this, I like to think about the relationship between two kind of things. But I don’t want to force my answer or opinion on someone. Even I don’t want to get the answer about these kind of things. I just like to turn around around around my thought. And you know, it’s Japanese philosophy of the way of thinking !

 I think one of the job of an artist is making a suggestion to make people think about something. If I put some answer and put it to someone, that is like starting a religion. I never say I wanna make the world peace by my art. What I wanna do is to find out the way of dealing with our ordinary life and the way of facing with our real world.
Anyway, I’ll continue making some mixed-media artworks to mix-up someone’s mind.

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