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ランカウイ島 No.2 フォーシーズンリゾート Langkawi, Malaysia -Four Season Resort-




I visited Four Season Resort in Langkawi to have a look inside, room charge in here costs at least 1,000USD. Basically only hotel guest can go inside this hotel, but we could go inside by telling doorman “We came here to eat dinner.”. But as I heard, in high season, only someone stay here can go inside the entrance.

The entrance area is like “the world of Arabian Nights”,. Even it’s hot enough, they burn torches. Through the arbic shape windows & arches, we can see deep green outside, it’s quite impressive view.

When I went to garden, I could see colorful lights on beach side. Because there was a beach wedding party at night, they were preparing for that.

The souvenirs shop in here treats quite high sense products, and it was not so expensive. There were cute accessories, sandals, hats, cloths, etc…

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