Good bye and thanks Shanghai…

Good bye and thanks Shanghai...  Hidemi Shimura

I’ve moved back from Shanghai to Japan by ferry. The feeling of leaving China by ferry was really good and sentimental. Since ferry moves very slowly, I felt like I was leaving China little by little.

I lived in Shanghai for more than 6 years ( I myself didn’t imagine that I live in China for such a long time). For me I still have many questions about Shanghai and China, I want to read many books and study more about China now.

For most of the foreigners, Shanghai is just a transit point to go to another place. But Shanghai used to accept these temporary residents since very long ago. I could meet many people from different places and  feel many different culture.

Actually I still don’t feel that I really moved back from Shanghai, since it’s too close and I know I can visit there whenever I want.

Because of China and Japan’s political problem, some people worried about I live in China. But I never had any bad experience about it.  I’m sure I was well treated by Shanghai & friends in Shanghai, so I want to say thank you about it !