Michael Wolf photo exhibition “SMALL GOD, BIG CITY” at M97 gallery

Michael Wolf is a German photographer living Hong Kong. I’ve been to his solo exhibition “SMALL GOD,BIG CITY” at M97 gallery in Shanghai.

When I heard his name I wasn’t sure what kind of photograph he shoots, but after I saw the one, I noticed I’ve seen many of his photos.

One of his series I’ve seen a lot is … he shot old skyscraper buildings in HK from just in front of the building , so sometimes it looks like a pattern, sometimes you can feel people’s life by what they hung outside the window.
These buildings are very old and very tall, since I’m afraid of height, living there seems to impossible to me.

This exhibition consists of three series of photos mixed together, the another one was about many small thing in backstreet in HK. He’s really good at finding “arty” things in messy backstreet, I guess many foreigners also enjoy China in the same way.  Many of HK people put small god in front of the entrance (I don’t see it in Shanghai), so exhibition title is from these small gods.

The third one was from “Tokyo compression” series shot in Tokyo. In  these photos people’s face which are compressed inside rush hour train in Tokyo. These three different types pf photos were making good contrast.

In HK, he never shoots people ( there’s no one in photos but you can still feel people’s life), but in Tokyo, he only shoots people. So I wants to know what made him to make this decision.