Power Station of Art “Portrait of the times -30 years of Chinese contemporary art-“

Power Station of Art "Portrait of the times -30 years of Chinese contemporary art-"  Hidemi Shimura

Power Station of Art is an art museum near the World Expo area in Shanghai. This building used to be an old power plant renovated into an art museum  ( same as the Tate Modern in the UK ), it’s an interesting and large building. Admission is usually free except special exhibition ( like big name foreign artist’s exhibition).

Until November 10, they hold “Portrait of the times -30 years of Chinese contemporary art-” exhibition. It is in an easy-to-understand display along the flow of Chinese contemporary art. They exhibit famous artist’s works to still young and unfamiliar artist’s fresh works, and these works seemed to be gathered from all over the country and well balanced.

Sometimes I feel depressed by visiting Chinese contemporary art exhibition, because colors are too dark and some works are showing too much political message. But in this museum, ceiling is high and exhibition area is bright, and they choose pop and bright artworks, so it’s very fun to see. Because of this open atmosphere and large space, this museum is also recommended to families with children.

The main exhibition is 1-2 floor , but don’t forget to go to upstairs. We can enjoy the view of Huangpu River from the hall on the south side of the third floor. The view is something different from the view from the Bund.