Recent works in progress

Hidemi Shimura

I only added travel information in my blog recently, but I restarted making artworks before summer.
These photos under is a new artwork recently completed, the size is about 16x23cm.
I tried to change the color of bar code part, I think green bar code matches the color of the work. So I’ll try to change color of bar code in other artworks, too.

Actually I spent all of my energy for preparing last exhibition (I moved all of my artworks and my stuff from Shanghai to Japan, then I continued making large artwork), I really didn’t want to any see embroidery thread. Then I escaped into other works. But after I’ve seen beautiful scenery in Japan ( and Malaysia, too) I felt like making artworks again and even I got new idea for my artwork.

Recent works in progress News Hidemi ShimuraThe image of this work come from the landscape of field and sky in the summer. I think I’ll continue making artworks inspired by colors of landscape like this.

Recent works in progress News Hidemi ShimuraPhoto taken from an oblique angle. You can see the texture and silk material.

Recent works in progress News Hidemi Shimura

Recent works in progress News Hidemi ShimuraI’ve placed my work on a plant in balcony. I think this artwork can fit well if it’s hang on next to the flower pot in the room.

Recent works in progress News Hidemi Shimura

And this is another artwork I’m making, the size will be 110 x 21 cm. This works is larger than I first imagined, so I need more time to finish this.
I think I can finish this in a week. This will be a beautiful colored artwork inspired by an image of a summer landscape.

After finish this, I’ll make a cylindrical spinning Mani wheel type artwork.