Test shooting in Daido Moriyama style No.2


I’m testing shooting photos in Daido Moriyama style – shooting photos without looking at the monitor of the digital camera or the camera viewfinder (pretend like you are looking at different direction).
And I went downtown in Shanghai, near the Yuyuan (Yu Garden) area. In Shanghai there are little Chinese-style buildings originally, this is the only one area that you can feel the Chinese atmosphere in Shanghai.
I think this shooting style is the most suitable for crowded place like this.

Buildings around here are very old, there is no bath in the house like houses in downtown in Tokyo used to be, even there is no toilet in many of them, kitchen sink is in the outside of the house, actually living there is inconvenient.
Besides, it’s not so clean and messy, but there are many pretty building in this area, people look very alive, and I can find something fresh every time I visit there, so I like here very much.
May be this area will be developed some day, I wish these old building will be kept as much as possible.

Photograph of Daido Moriyama is made up by the combination of this free style shooting method and high level printing technique.
It is said only he can create his unique high-contrast photos, he prints them by himself.

Actually I myself did not like shooting photos that much, but after I knew this shooting style I think I like shooting photos than before.