What can Japanese living in abroad do now ?

I’m watching the news about Japan on TV here in China.
I’m also checking internet news while watching TV.

Even though I’m in Shanghai and my family and friends or relatives living in Japan are safe, but I still feel unsafe and can’t sleep well. I’m sure now everyone in Japan feels very anxious and uneasy …

However, since the day after tomorrow until April 8th I’m going back to Japan temporarily( Saitama – neighbor prefecture if Tokyo ). Actually I wondered if I should cancel it or not. But I decided to go back because I want to see “what kind of mood is Japan in now?” “What kind of inconvenience they have?”.

And, I’ll do a charity event after I come back to Shanghai. Normally I regard artist as one of the most useless profession in the world (Basically people can live without art), but I guess we artists are here to do something especially when people are suffering. However, as far as I know I’m the only one Japanese artist living in Shanghai, so I feel a little feeble but I’ll trust the magical power of Shanghai.

While I’m in Japan I’ll I think about the best way to do that.
Of course donating money can be the best. But I’m living China which people call “the world’s factory”, getting goods at a low price in China and sending them to Japan can be another way…

This time recovery will take a long time, the Japanese living in foreign places should support it from outside, and we should be a window to accept any support from the country you live in. Foreigners often mention that “Japanese people are too modest and very difficult to understand what they want.”, but now it’s time to say what we need clearly so that people can support.

I always feel that including my parents people who experienced the recovery from the World War II are physically and mentally tough. And I think if we Japanese can overcome this crisis, we will be much more stronger.