People from Miyagi, Japan

Let’s understand northeast’s cultute series,today is Miyagi.

志賀直哉 Shiga Naoya(Writer)
From Ishinomaki city, but moved to Tokyo when he was three.
He wrte these crassical novels “A Dark Night’s Passing”,”At Cape Kinosaki”,etc.
I noticed I haven’t read his book at all..

辺見庸 Henmi Yo(Writer)
He used to be a journalist, one of my favorite writer.
I think “Mono Kuu Hitobito (People eat something)” is the best, but there’s no English version.
By reading this book you can see what people are eating around the world, also you’ll feel like appriciating that you have something to eat.
His novel “Warm Water Under a Red Bridge” is translated into English. Film director Shohei Imamura shoot a film based on this novel.

宮藤官九郎 Kudo Kankuro (playwright, actor, lyricist, composer, TV writer, film director, producer, musician, guitarist) ※ too many titles !
He’s one of the best comedy screenwriter in Japan.
He presided a troupe “Otona Keikaku (adult plan)” to the present.
My favorite drama is “Tiger & Dragon” & “Unubore Deka (vanity Detective)”.

石ノ森章太郎 Ishinomori Shotaro(Cartoonist)
People from Miyagi, Japan 東北関連 Hidemi Shimura
He’s well known mogul cartoonist.
He created “Cyborg 009”, “Kamen Rider”,etc.
He also created the original cartoon of movie “Genma Taisen (Genma Wars)”, but I thought it was Katsuhiro Otomo’s work ↓ but he was only in charge of character design of this movie.

大友克洋 Otomo Katsuhiro(cartoonist、film director)
People from Miyagi, Japan 東北関連 Hidemi Shimura
“AKIRA” is very popular among foreigners as everyone knows.
“MEMORIES” “Steamboy” are also his work.
“AKIRA”‘s original comics are also recommended because it’s also cool.
he also shoot a live action film “Mushishi”, I think this one is also nice.

岩井俊二 Iwai Shunji(film director, writer, video artist, musician)
He shoot “Love Letter” “Swallowtail”, “Hana and Alice”” BANDAGE ” etc.
In China, “Hana and Alice”is very popular, maybe because actress Yu Aoi is very popular in China.

大槻義彦 Otsuki Yoshihiko(Physicist, TV personality)
Professor Otsuki, I just thought he’s someone who often goes out on TV, actually he is the pioneer of Plasma research… His radical talk sometimes cause trouble.

Seems like Japanese subculture is mostly created by people from Miyagi. I can say Miyagi is the father of Japanimation.
Next, continue to Fukushima prefecture.