Where to eat Japanese around Jingansi

Let’s write about Japanese food in Jingansi.
I tried to find new place to eat Japanese in Jingansi then I experienced horrible feeling  twice. So let’s announce recommended venue here to avoid someone go to wrong place.

It is said that 100,000 Japanese live in Shanghai, the most of them live in Gubei area in Hongqiao. There are many Japanese living there, so there are many delicious Japanese restaurants around there.

However, most of my friends are living in Jingansi, so I often eat out in Jingansi. And since my foreign friends are also a Japanese food lover, I often go to eat Japanese.
Since few Japanese people living in Jingansi, there are not so many nice Japanese restaurant.
Let’s introduce better places to go in jingansi here! (Since I rarely go to expensive  high-class place so I can’t say anything about it)

Kimura 木村 A home made style Japanese dishes. they offer lunch set menu at lunch time, at night it’s like Japanese Izakaya style. It’s better to reserve at night.
1688 Beijing road, Jingan district (near Jiaozhou road) 021-28625503

Suisya 水車
 Soba (buck wheat noodle) restaurant, you can drink Sake with Soba & Tempura (it’s cool Japanese style). there are many side menus here.
558 Yuyuan road, jingan district (near Wulumuqi road) 021-62528067

COCOichi Curry カレーのココイチ
 Curry chain from Japan. I often eat fried pork curry here.  B1 in JuGuang department store.

Tonkatu (Fried pork) Hamachan とんかつ浜ちゃん
 This small venue opened many years ago, they never do any advertisement but always popular. their set menu is high volume and same taste with home made style restaurant in Japan.
176 Jiaozhou road, jingan dietrict (near Beijing West road) 021-62568674

Mensyubou 麺酒坊
 They open until very late (until 2pm?), so it’s very convenient. If you really feel hungry at midnight.
2007 Nangjing West road, Jingan district (near Yanan west road) 021-62481537

That’s it for near metro station, if I remember something I’ll write again.

Anyhow, we need more Japanese restaurant in Jingan area. If someone want to open a Japanese restaurant in Shanghai, I recommend to open one in center. Because opening new one in Gubei Japanese area can be competitive. Since Japanese food is popular among the world, foreigners living central Shanghai can be potential customers.