“Village 798” in Songyang, Lishui City, Zhejiang Provence

 Although renovated factory “798” art district is in Beijing, there is “Village 798” in Zhejiang Provence, Lishui City, Songyang …

 This sketching center is a renovated granary, it is surrounded by rural landscapes, such as maple & pine wood forest, tea farm, lotus pond, etc. And there are also artist’s studio, art museum, and art creation village.
 Many fine-arts institute students are already visiting the sketching center.

 Furthermore, there are rooms which artists can stay, rooms include an air-conditioner, a telephone, a personal computer, a hot water server, a bathroom, and the space for a meal.
There is also an exhibition hall of 700 more square meters, the artist can exhibit for free, and sketching center also does management of artworks.

photographs are seen here

 I think this place is really relaxing and good for stay I also want to stay there, it’s especially good for painters staying here for a while and making artworks.
 However — 700 square meters of exhibition hall is too large ! It’s really hard to fill such a large space by art. I always wonder why art museums or art galleries in China tend to be so large.
 Before making such a big box, contents are much more important. I always think so. —