Charity Art Auction for Japan ; Call for artworks, Shun Gallery, Shanghai

For the reconstruction of the earthquake in Japan

Shun Art gallery in Shanghai will hold a charity art auction in June. I also donate my artworks to this event.

After the earthquake in Sichuan provience Shun gallery did charity art auction too, 248 artists participated for that event. The whole profit was used to build 7 libraries for kids in Sichuan.

About this event
1) Theme ; If we hold on together – charity auction for the reconstruction of the earthquake in Japan

2) Auction Date ; June 25th (Sat) 2pm – 7pm
Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai, Grobal financial culture communication center in Shanghai (29th floor No.100 Pudongshijidadao)

3) Exhibiton of artworks for auction contents June 18th – June 24th 10:00 – 18:00 (Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai)

4) Organizer ; NPO Art Art, NPO Asian Friendship Society, Shun Art gallery in Shanghai

5) Cooperation ; Shanghai Dingfeng Art Auction Company Ltd, Community of Culture without Borders, Asian Art Education Foundation, Shanghai Monogatari Culture Communication Co., Ltd, Contemporary Art Class of Tsinghua University, Tairui Art Found

6) Supports ; The Japan embassy in Shanghai, the Korean enbassy in Shanghai, Noble Art Institute, Chengdu Blue roof Museum of Art, Levent Art Gallery, Hanyi Clothing Co.,Ltd in Shanghai, Clothing Association in Shanghai, Chinese Dress Salon, Hanming Art Institute, Ko zome Art Gallery, 360°Graphics etc

[ How to donate artworks ]

1) No limit of genre of artworks; Acrylic, print, sculpture, portrait, landscape, drawing & caligraphy etc.
2) There are no bottom line of the price to encourage everyone’s participation.
3) Every artworks will be donated for free and the whole profit from the event will be donated to UNICEF to support the reconstruction project in Japan.

1) Information about artist or organization ;

Title ( in Chinese & English )
Year of production
Material used

2) Image of the artworks ( qualified one, more than 5MB for usage of brouchure print )
3) No limit of the quantity for donation
4) Please submit required information via this E-mail
5) Message ( For the further exhibition tour in Japan. It would be exhibited together)

3.Duration of donation
Duration : Apr 1st (Fri) – June 18th (Sat)
Address : Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai

Room 103/208, Building 3 No.50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai 200060, China

4.Rights All the artworks must be original one not a copy.

Organizer shall be in charge of the whole PR activities ; Exhibition, recommendation and sales of the artworks.
There would be the exhibition platform on online during the exhibition period.
Organizer shall print the prouchure for this auction and it shall be sent each participant of donation. (specific address would be requested )
After the event, organizer shall provide the certificates of the appreciation for the participation and shall share the further activity with CD including of the profit and pictures of the activity.

[ Volunteers ]
We are in need of kind helps of anyone who is willing to participate in this meaningful event.

For more detail and question, please contact ;
Shun Art Gallery
Add : Room 103/208, Building 3 No.50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai 200060
Tel : (86) 021 5252 7198
Email :