People from Iwate, Japan

I continue studying about culture in Northeast Japan.

萬鉄五郎 Yorozu Tetsugorou(Painter)
People from Iwate, Japan 東北関連 Hidemi Shimura
People say his painting is effected by Gogh and Matisse, but I think taste of his painting is more like Egon Schiele and Munch.
I like the conbination between darkness and humor in his painting.

畠山直哉 Hatakeyama Naoya(Photographer)
People from Iwate, Japan 東北関連 Hidemi Shimura
I didn’t know he’s also from Iwate.
He shoots something heavy like factory or huge building, but in his photograph things look much lighter than it’s actual weight, I wonder why.

船越桂 Funakoshi Katsura (Sculptor)
People from Iwate, Japan 東北関連 Hidemi Shimura
If you look at his work, you’ll say “Oh, I’ve seen this one”.
Personally, I prefer his drawing than sculpture.

宮沢賢治 Miyazawa Kenji(Writer)
(For Japanese) There’s nothing to explain about this guy…
He wrote many classic novels like “Night on the Galactic Railroad” “Restaurant of Many Orders” etc. Generally his books are regarded as good for children to read, but also grown up people may be reminded a lot from reading.

石川啄木 Ishikawa Takuboku(Poet, Critic)
Generally he is regarded as a man who contented with honest poverty, but actually he spent borrowed money for playing… He wrote many daily life poem (Haiku & Tanka),
Kindaiti Kyousuke↓ was a good friend of him, often lent money to Takuboku.

金田一京助 Kindaichi Kyousuke(Linguist, folklorist)
I thought he’s someone wno’s name is always in the spine of dictionary, actually he is a great linguist.
He also did research in Ainu language.

新渡戸稲造 Nitobe Inazou(Agronomist, Educator)
I just regarded his as a man of five-thousand yen bill …
He’s the one of the Christian educators like Uchimura Kanzou, His book “Bushido Bushido: The Soul of Japan ” written in fluent English has been read for long periods.

Next, continued to Miyagi prefecture…