Hidemi Shimura
Netfolio -Artworks by Contemporary Artist Hidemi Shimura-
Contemporary Artist Hidemi Shimura


1974 Born in Japan
1997 Graduated from Musashino Art Univ. Tokyo (Majored in scenic display and fashion design)
1998-2004 Worked for some company as a 3DCG animation creator, then became a contemporary artist.
2007-2013 Lived in Shanghai, China, did activity as a contemporery artist there.
2013.12 Moved back to Japan, now lives in Tokorozawa-city, Saitama.

2017.6 Art Fair [ Independent TAIPEI ] Songshan Cultural and Creative Park(Taipei)
2017.5 Group Show [ erutuF ] WhyWhyArt at Chic Oasis(Nanjing, China)
2017.2 Group Show [ Special Exhibition | A painting to hang on a living room ] gallery fu (Yokohama)

2016.7 Art Fair「Independent TOKYO」Asakusa Hulic Hall(Tokyo)
2016.4 Solo Exhibition「Blooming」JINEN gallery (Tokyo)
2016.1 Group Show [ Dekotokonoma Ten ] Vol.3 gallery DAZZLE(Tokyo)

2015.12 Group Show [ imagine -tomorrow- ] gallery fu & LAUNCH PAD GALLERY (Yokohama, Japan)
2015.8  Solo Eshibition [ Silent Invaders in Yokohama -public viewing of a stripe alien’s room- ] gallery fu (Yokohama, Japan)
2015.8  Solo Exhibition [ Silent Invaders Back in Tokyo ] wine-ba (Tokyo)
2015.7  Group Show [ JINEN GALLERY SELECTION 2015 ] JINEN gallery (Tokyo)
2015.6  Group Show [ Art & Design Kawagoe ] gallery R+ (Kawagoe, Japan)
2015.6  Solo Exhibition [ Hidemi Shimura Solo Exhibition ] JINEN gallery (Tokyo)
2015.5  Art Fair [ Tokyo International Art Fair ]  Harajuku Quest Hall (Tokyo)
2015.2  Group Show [Theme Time Art Show -MUSIC- ] gallery fu (Yokohama, Japan)


2014.11 Group Show [ Musashino Art Univ. Small Works Show ] Muse Tokorozawa Exhibit Hall (Saitama, Japan)
2014.11 Exhibited as a finalist [ Nishiwaki Thumbhole Art Award ] Okanoyama Museum of Art Nishiwaki (Hyogo, Japan)
2014.10 Art Fair [ TDW Art Fair ] Win Second Prize, Tokyo Designer’s Week (Tokyo)
2014.2  Two Person Show [ Colors Up Close, Gradations at a Distance ] Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo)

2012.8 Group Show [ Chinese Landscape ] Gensler Architecture Office Art Event (Shanghai)
2012.5 Solo Exhibition [ Silent Invaders in Shanghai -No.3- ] M55 Ladyship’s Bar (Shanghai)
2012.6 Group Show [ Power Of Line ] CULTUREINSIDEgallery (Luxembourg)
2012.5 Solo Exhibition [ Silent Invaders in Shanghai -No.2- ] Chance Workshop (Shanghai)
2012.3 Group Show [ Anti Gray Zone ] CULTUREINSIDEgallery (Luxembourg)
2012.2 JiaoJiao Art Event [ Collecting Everyone’s New Year Wish ] Jiao Bar (Shanghai)

2011.10 Culture Event [ Japan Culture & Fashion Week ] Xintiandi Square (Shanghai)
2011.6 Charity Art Auction [ If We Hold On Together ] Shun Art Gallery (Shanghai)
2011.3 [ DIFFERENCES?/SIMILARITIES! ] by Urban Dialogues© Exhibition Center De Bijl (Zoersel, Beigium)
2011.2 Art Event [ Innovative Stream ] at Bandao1919 Japan Culture Village (Shanghai)

2010.12 Group Show [ Coding ] at YongKang-Lu Art (Shanghai)
2010.11 Solo Show [ Suzhou Colors ] at True Color Museum ( Suzhou )
2010.6 – 12 Artist Residency at True Color Museum ( Suzhou )
2010.5 Art Fair [ Shanghai Spring Art Salon ] (Shanghai)
2010.4 Group Show [ Three Fiber Artist’s exhibition ] at Dohjidai Gallery (Shanghai)
2010.3 Solo Show [ Silent Invaders in Shanghai ] at Yard Gallery (Shanghai)

2009.9 [ Various Lines ] at Yard Gallery (Shanghai)
2009.1 [ Eco Bag Project ‘ the Nomadic “decob” in Shanghai ] at the Foundry Gallery (Shanghai)
2009.1 Group Show [ Waken Up Your Talent ! ] at Ligare Gallery (Shanghai)

2008.11 [International Juried Show] at SEGO Art Center (Provo, Utah, the United States)
2008.9 Group Show [Accidentes plasticos] at Galeria Catarsis (Madrid, Spain)
2008.8 Group Show [Each Girl, Each Color] at Ligare Gallery (Shanghai)
2008.4 Group Show [Clay and Fiber] at Woman Made Gallery (Chicago)
2008.2 Group Show [Mix It Up] at Rhonda Schaller Studio (N.Y.)

2007.12 Art Fair [bridgeArtFair miami07] (Miami)
2007.10 Art Fair [bridgeArtFair london07] (London)
2007.9 Group Show [NON STOP -OTROS EMERGENTES- ] at Galeria Catarsis (Madrid, Spain)
2007.5 Art Fair [KunStart 2007] (Bolzano,Italy)
2007.3 Village Asia – 9eme Festival du Film Asiatique de Deauville (Deauville, France)
2007.1 Art Fair [ART LA 2007] (Los Angles)

2006.12-2009.1 Exhibited artworks at gallery space in [ARTCURIAL] (Paris)
2006.11 Art Fair [Edinburgh Art Fair] (Edinburgh,UK)
2006.10 Art Fair [scopeLONDON] (London)
2006.9 Group Show [ARTE CONTEMPORANEO JAPONES NON STOP] at Galeria Catarsis (Madrid, Spain)
2006.8 Solo Show [Silent Invaders in LA] at Art Cafe KALDI (Los Angles)
2006.7 Art Fair [ScopeHAMPTON] (Hampton, NY)
2006.3 Group Show [Let’s Enjoy Modern Art !] Suita Center of History and Culture (Osaka)
2006.2 Solo Show [ Silent Invaders in Tokyo ] at gallery Muran (Tokyo)

2005.11-2007.2 Dealt artworks in a boutique Black Block at [Palais de Tokyo] (Paris)
2005.11 Group Show [Exchange] at Shanghai Donghua Univ. (Shanghai)
2005.11 Group Show [ KOMIMARU Exhibition 2005] Center of Suita History and Culture (Osaka)
2005.10 Solo Show [ Silent Invaders ] at Galerie Hitomi Bushi d’Eau (Paris)
2005.5 Art Fair [ Shanghai Spring Art Salon ] (Shanghai)

2004.12 Group Show [KOMIMARU Exhibition 2004] Center of Suita History and Culture (Osaka)
2004.4 Exhibited at galleryEsiesta [ Next One’s Competition ] (Tokyo)
2003 Exhibited at Print’s 21 Grand Prix (Tokyo)
1997 Exhibited at Ono Art Gallery [ Modern Art Small Works Competition ] (Tokyo)