Rhythm of Life Concept

This piece represents people’s lives and their ups and downs, the unpredictable forces that change each individual’s life.
The colorful jagged parts represent the waves of life, and the threads around them represent the unpredictable forces to change our lives.

When we think about the ups and downs of life, sometimes a seemingly unfortunate event can be a sign of good fortune to come, or conversely, a lucky event can be the beginning of bad fortune. Life is made up of a myriad of events, and it is difficult to simply judge good or bad from each events.

In today’s information-rich society, it is easy to catch a glimpse of other people’s lives through SNS, etc., and people tend to make short-sighted judgments about happiness by applying other people’s standards. However, it is not uncommon to find out after the fact that someone who looks happy is actually having a lot of problems.
We may be judging others based only on superficial information and are unable to face the true nature of the person. However, no matter what a person looks like on the surface, he or she is a human being living in the waves of life.

The beauty of this artwork is due to the beauty of the random wave-shaped forms, and I believe that life is full of ups and downs, which is why we are deeply moved when we look back on it at the end.
By visualizing each person’s life as a colorful artwork, this artwork expresses that all life is beautiful, no matter what kind of life it is.