Parallel World Concept

We generate our own environment. We get exactly what we deserve.

–from “ONE” by Richard Bach


Is this a world we really desire?
Is there any ideal world somewhere else?
What do we do there?
What kind of scenery can we see there?


When you felt a little bored by your daily life, when some hard thing happened, imagine parallel world and think what you would do there, then you may feel like your world is spreading and feel a little bit excited.

In the parallel world series, I want to express the feeling of little excitement and being relief d by imagine another world.

The combination of color represents a world surrounding us. If you see the detail, you will find mismatched colors like normally people won’t combine together are located next to each other. This world is filled with a wide variety of people and miscellaneous things. At first glance, it looks chaotic but when you see it from distance, you will find out unexpected harmonies.

The world surrounding us also seems to be chaotic, but in fact, there are some kinds of balance and harmony. If you see the world from a distance, you can find new beauty and harmony. Like this, I represent the relationship of the world surrounding us and ordinally life of people by my artworks.