Boundaries Concept

This series was born based on the inspiration I gained at Artist-in-Residence in Suzhou in March 2018, which was triggered by getting an opportunity to exhibit in Portugal in September 2018. The exhibition was a collaboration project of Urban Dialogues which is a collaboration project from artists from many other countries started at 10 years ago. and the title of the exhibition was “Encontro de Rios – Meeting of rivers-”.

When creating a water-themed work, the first thing that came to mind was the phrase “water has no boundaries”. By nature, there are no borders on the land and the sea where we live, but there are many borders such as country borders, town boundaries, and borders with neighboring houses. In other words, it is human beings who set boundaries to infinite things, and human history seems to be repeated repetition of battles to set the boundaries.

The life of a person is often compared to the flow of a river, and tracing each life becomes a line. Long lines, short lines, straight lines, twisted lines, and lines that are completely different from one another have been intricately overlapped to create a world that surrounds us.
In this work, Japanese paper is sewn on a sewing machine over and over again, and each line represents the human life, and the boundary created by the myriad of overlapping lines represents the long history we have cultivated for a long time.