-Small Voice- Concept

Small Voice

-I’m always here to save you. But recently, no one listen to me.-

This artwork is a statue of a goddess whose voice has become so small that no one can hear her. She thinks that people haven’t come to see her lately, but the goddess is always on standby to save someone.

“Recently, people have become less and less religious. However, people still need healing, so from now on, isn’t it possible that art will play a role as an alternative to religion?” I once saw such a sentence in an article about contemporary art. I created this artwork while asking, “Is it really possible for art to bear such a heavy responsibility?”

People can touch this artwork and can be healed, and it aims to be a portable goddess that can be owned at home. Please give her a name and make friends with her.


supplement: After making this piece, “that incident in Japan” occurred, and the goddess was shocked to know that her followers were taken by a cult-like religion. Perhaps people have not forgotten their religious beliefs, but have become confused about what they believe in.

Then I am creating my artworks while thinking about what art can really do in these difficult times.

-Small Voice- Concept  Hidemi Shimura