Artist Statement

I mainly create colorful pieces by coiling embroidery threads around acrylic boards and sticks in striped patterns. The combination of color represents a world surrounding us. If you see the detail, you will find mismatched colors like normally people won’t use together are located next to each other. This world is filled with a wide variety of people and miscellaneous things. At first glance, it looks chaotic but when you see it from distance, you will find out unexpected harmonies. Like this, I represent the relationship of the world surrounding us and ordinally life of people by my artworks.
I used to live in China, a virtual enemy of Japan, for about 7 years. Then I became very aware of the harmony between seemingly incompatible people and thing. I found China and Japan to be complete opposites and I had a very difficult time living there at first. But soon I realized that because we are opposites that we can achieve meaningful results when we accomplish something together. After that, I was able to accept a wider range of ideas and cultures, and life became easier. One of my intention in my artwork is to have people such a pseudo-experience through mismatched harmonies.