Memory Engrams Concept

I used to have a cat adapted in Shanghai, I really loved and cared her a lot. But she passed away on November 1st in last year. I was in a deep sorrow. But soon after I noticed that I really can’t remember her detail clearly like her expression of the face, the way she moves, the touch of her skin, etc. I thought I was too shocked to remember, after a few days some images of her memory start appearing in my head, but these images are very fragmental, then I noticed the fragility of memory.

“Memory Engram” is a unit of cognitive information imprinted in a physical substance. Our memories are recorded in neurons deep in the brain, and are remembered by some kind of trigger to the sixth sense, such as a certain scenery, sound, smell, or touch.

There are many aspects of the brain that are still unknown, but it is said that there is even a whole universe inside the brain. All living things can exist as real objects only for a short period of time. However, if the memory of a deceased someone remains deep in the brain, it is as if that someone still exists in the universe.

Then our bodies are slowly being broken down into subatomic particles and then reborn as other objects. And after we are reborn, we create new memories, and the history of birth and decomposition, repeated over and over again, continues forever.

I created this series to preserve my fear of losing my memory and the realizations I have gained from losing my cat.

The soft sculpture installation pieces are designed for the audience to directly touch and enjoy the soft texture.

The two-dimensional work is made up of layers of painted transparent acrylic boards and spools of silk embroidery thread. What is painted on the bottom layer is definitely there, but the countless threads block the view, so that we can only see it vaguely.

It is difficult to grasp the reality of the work as it constantly changes its appearance depending on the angle and distance from which it is viewed and where it is focused.

Memories are usually expressed in sepia color, but I wanted to keep my memories as something colorful. At the same time, I wanted to express the majesty of life, so I aimed to create something fancy, colorful, and majestic.