I made a long version of the artist statement

I made a long version of the artist statement ART Hidemi Shimura

I made a long version of the artist statement.

Actually I did not receive my artwork sales fee in the last exhibition in Europe where the name begin with Lu. Since that I didn’t want to participate in exhibitions in distant countries. However, starting this year, I will try to increase my overseas exhibition opportunity.


Sometimes people think and talk about ‘What is Art?’, and try to find the answer though they never can’t get the right answer. Art is often thought as difficult and high-toned thing, but most of the Art come from the people’s ordinary life. Artist is just one of the ordinary people, Artist is just cutting off the part of these ordinary life, and shape it into their artworks. Artist can’t exist at the place without peaceful life. Real art may exist in the battlefield, but Artist can’t live in battlefield. ‘Existence of Artist’ could be proof of Peaceful, and Artist should be aware of that fact. Practically, Artworks are useless and nothing for use. But they sometimes give us little happiness, sometimes become the source of great power, I’ll try to bring out these kind of feelings or power to the people’s life. That’s my job as an Artist.

I use embroidery threads to make my artworks. I create colorful artworks by coiling threads on acrylic boards.
I use two types of embroidery threads. One is silk thread from Suzhou China ( which is famous for traditional silk embroidery), and cotton thread which we can buy easily at hand crafts material shop. I pick up some photograph before I start making an artwork. Then I replace the colors used in the picture into my artwork.I guess that’s why my artworks look natural despite these super colorful colors.

The combination of color represents a world surrounding us. If you see the detail, you will find mismatched colors like normally people won’t combine together are located next to each other. This world is filled with a wide variety of people and miscellaneous things. At first glance, it looks chaotic but when you see it from distance, you will find out unexpected harmonies.
The world surrounding us also seems to be chaotic, but in fact, there are some kinds of balance and harmony. If you see the world from a distance, you can find new beauty and harmony. Like this, I represent the relationship of the world surrounding us and ordinary life of people by my artworks.

I used to live in China for nearly 7 years which is Japan’s virtual enemy country. People used to tell me like this “if you are a contemporary artist why don’t you live in the States or Europe? Your artwork is too early in China.” But I think I cultivated my eyes to see the world equally without any discrimination by seeing many people from around the world in Shanghai. So I think this way of thinking is the root of my artwork.