New Year’s greetings & schedule for this year

New Year's greetings & schedule for this year  Hidemi Shimura

It’s been a while after new year has come, but I wish you a happy new year!

In my schedule for the first half of this year, I have a solo exhibition “parallel world” held at gallery fu in Ishikawa-cho in Yokohama Japan, although the date has yet to be confirmed, it is about 2 weeks around golden week holiday.

I plan to stay in Suzhou China for about one month before my solo exhibition, may be in around this March, to buy embroidery threads as my material for artworks and stay there as Artist in Residence (stay there and make artworks at a open studio) .
Then I will create a moving installation work like a movie below and exhibit it in Yokohama’s solo exhibition too. (The movie below is a small model, but the real one will be more than 2 meters.)

Why should it be in Suzhou? Suzhou is famous for embroidery, it is the origin of silk embroidery threads, and when I stayed in Suzhou for a half year at artist in residence in 2010, I met Suzhou silk embroidery thread. Since then I have been using Suzhou’s embroidery thread as a material for my work. article of my solo exhibition in 2010
Suzhou’s embroidery thread has more than 1,300 colors (normal embroidery thread is about 500 colors) It is perfect for my colorful work.
In this work I will be using a lot of embroidery threads, so if I stay there as an artist in residence I can go buy the thread at any time, also I can use a large studio, so it’s like “Kill two birds with one stone!” I thought.
In my solo exhibition, I will also exhibit many artworks to hang on walls like I usually make, so actually there are lots of things to do and I feel busy.

I am also planning to do a solo exhibition in Shanghai during this year, but the date and time is still undecided as it is also after the solo exhibition in Yokohama.
Also, recently I have not been out of Asia, so this year I would like to exhibit works anywhere else.

Because I am a lazy writer, I can only update blogs sometimes, but I will upload various news in the future as well, so please come to check my news this year!