I have started crowdfunding

I have started crowdfunding  Hidemi Shimura

Until recently I did not think that I was supposed to do this kind of thing, but I started crowdfunding.
Please check the contents! (sorry linked page is in Japanese.「上海ー蘇州ー東京ー横浜にまたがるアートプロジェクトを実現したい!」”I want to realize an art project that spans Shanghai – Suzhou – Tokyo – Yokohama!

Basically I think like this, “If I need money, I can work to get enough money I need.”, but this time I have some solo exhibitions going on and now I really need to create a lot of artworks, and I really don’t have enough time to work for earning money, so I decided to do a crowdfunding.

The main feature of this crowdfunding’s return is a shoulder bag and photo frame with a cat-shaped artwork.
Although the shoulder bag is made by printed cloth, the striped part of the photo frame contains the real artwork made of embroidery thread.
I have started crowdfunding  Hidemi Shimura
I have started crowdfunding  Hidemi Shimura※Because the cat-shaped part will be cut with the cutting plotter machine, it can be cut more beautifully

For this crowdfunding I tried to make something new for even those who are unfamiliar with contemporary art can enjoy.
Artworks are also considerably profitable than regular price at the art gallery!

This crowdfunding was done as a project of a gallery TAGBOAT which represents my works and I could get their support for the contents of the publication and so I think that it was not harder than doing it all by himself.
However, basically I decided the content and the return products, it took quite a while to prepare.
As I always think and think before I start doing something new, I also spent many days to decide if I do or not. But, as a result, thinking about the sentence could be a practice of the presentation and it was quite fun to think about returning products, so other artists may also try it once.

However, I didn’t do this only for collecting funds simply, but contents not related to fundraising can not be written in the introduction sentence, so I think It is difficult for the other people to understand.

As a goal of this crowdfunding, of course, I need some money to prepare for solo exhibitions, but another purpose is also to promote the next solo exhibition.
Because it will be posted for quite a long time, it can seen by many people simply, I thought.

In addition, since I will stay at Suzhou China as an artist in residence in March, I am planning to report about the information of Suzhou and the art information of Shanghai on this blog. I I want to link this activity with my crowdfunding project.

The reason is, since I moved back to Japan from Shanghai, I always felt that “Japanese artists do not seem interested in exhibiting artworks in China”, but I think it is kind of disappointing.

Now new art museums are open one after another in Shanghai, and contemporary art is getting very popular. Some people say “Shanghai is more exciting than Hong Kong or Beijing now.”
I wish more Japanese artists show their works in China because it is so close to Japan, but perhaps the information about art in China is insufficient or there is not much good image for China because political matters, so people hesitate to go there, I think.
So I thought I myself need to report new information from China in this blog!

Because I worked full time for a while, I could not go to Shanghai recently, but this time I will stay in Suzhou for a month, so I’d like to go to Shanghai during my stay and visit many places and talk to local people there. So I will do all of them as one project!

Of course, I will also continue making artworks for solo exhibitions with full strength, so please come and see these too!