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“Kumade” for next year 2015

We went to the “Torinoichi (rooster market)” of Nerima Otori shrine to buy a “Kumade”. It was so crowded because it wass Saturday. Cue to the shrine had been followed up to the station ."Kumade" for next year 2015  Hidemi Shimura I bought a larger “Kumade” at the same shop as last year.

I returned the last year’s “Kumade” to the same shop and they will dedicated it to the shrine for me.

This is “kumade” from this year."Kumade" for next year 2015  Hidemi Shimura
Below is the last year’s “Kumade” with Maneki-Neko (beckoning cat).
People will buy a larger “Kumade” every year round , and eventually buy the largest one in the end, but it will take many years.
The meaning pf “Kumade” is as you buy a larger “Kumade” every year, your business will glow gradually. May be artists and business don’t have much relationship, but I decided to buy “Kumade” with my wish to develop my artworks every year. And I think “Kumade” is simply cute and good for decoration.
"Kumade" for next year 2015  Hidemi Shimura

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