My mother’s death and sunflowers②

My mother's death and sunflowers② Mother\'s death, view of life and death, ひまわり Hidemi Shimura

I wrote an article called “My Mother’s Death and the Sunflower” when my mother passed away in January. For some reason, Tears for Fears’ song “Sowing the Seeds of Love” kept playing in my head frequently at that time, and when I watched the music video on YouTube, sunflowers appeared towards the end. The lyrics also mention “I Love a Sunflower.”

In my recent new series called “Memory Engrams”, I explore how fragments of memories recorded in the deep neural cells of the brain can be recalled by various stimuli such as scenery, sounds, smells, and touch. This incident with the sunflower perfectly exemplifies this theme, and I once again thought that the human brain is immeasurable.

“Sowing the Seeds of Love” lyrics contain anti-establishment messages. Tears for Fears probably made this song after their other songs became very popular, I think they wanted to do whatever they wanted to do. The music video also has an analog and sci-fi feel, reminiscent of Monty Python, which is super cool.

Moreover, they are still active and performing, and although they have aged, they are still very cool. I think this is an ideal way to age gracefully.