TDW art fair 2014 has closed

TDW art fair 2014 has closed  Hidemi Shimura


TDW art fair in Tokyo Designer’s Week has just closed.

Actually I’ve never been to Tokyo Designer’s Week before I decided to join exhibition in this event, though I’m quite satisfied by this exhibition.

First, there are so many people visiting this event, so I could show y artworks to many people. As I didn’t show my artworks in Japan that much this is really a good thing. It was especially clouded in holiday, even I didn’t have time to eat lunch.
I could talk to many people and could many inspiration and nice advice about my art.

Since most of visitors are young people I didn’t except any sales, but I could sell 7 artworks including the largest one.
In case of me, I was quite lucky because one person bought some of my works together. Some other artists around me could also get nice reaction like selling works or getting new job opportynity, etc.
Compared to the other Japanese artists I think in commercial way, so I was afraid of I can’t fit to the other exhibitors, though there are some artists who think the same way as me so I could feel relaxed. And in this art fair, if you sell your artwork or not is up to you, so you can manage your exhibition as you like.

And I could get second prize of this art fair, so I was really happy about I could achieve by this opportunity. I was talking like “I don’t need any prize because there’s no grant.”, though actually when I got a prize I was so excited.

I could also enjoy the other shows like music live or comedian’s stage during exhibition.
TDW art fair 2014 has closed  Hidemi Shimura

TDW art fair 2014 has closed  Hidemi Shimura