Thanks for visiting “Art Fair Ginza”

Thanks for visiting "Art Fair Ginza" Hidemi Shimura, Hidemi Shimura, tagboat, hidemishimura, fiberart, contemporaryart Hidemi Shimura

tagboat × MITSUKOSHI “Art Fair GINZA”, part 1 where I exhibited, has ended successfully. Thank you very much for those who visited and purchased my works.
Part 2 will be open until the 12th, so please come and see it too!

Here are some explanations about the exhibited works.

The main work in this exhibition is the larger work above, “Silent Invader (M_ml3)” (96x73cm).

The Silent Invader series is my main series. I have not been working on it for the past few years because I have been focusing on experimentation and development of new series in order to improve my technical and expressive skills.
The barcode part represents something artificial and the colorful part represents the world around us. The colors are arranged next to each other in a way that they do not match when viewed up close, but at a distance they appear surprisingly harmonious, expressing a world in which the myriad people and things that abound in this world create a harmony.

For recent exhibition, I would like to exhibit this series as the main series, mixed with other series.

And ↓This is “Alien Shimao” a original character from the Silent Invader series.

Shimao was sent alone from the “Shimashima” planet to invade the earth, but he is completely fascinated by the unexpectedly comfortable living environment of the earth. Shimao, who is lazy and not a hard worker by nature, finds the invasion of the earth troublesome, and as he lives his life playing and traveling from place to place, he is treated like a messenger of peace from outer space…

In this animation, Shimao waves a big white flag with the catchphrase “We invade for World Peace” from the Silent Invader series, wishing for peace on earth.
To raise a white flag essentially means to admit defeat, but Shimao, as an alien, waved the white flag from the beginning, whether he knew what it meant or not.

You may be surprised by the animation, because it’s different from my usual work with threads, but I used to work in 3DCG production, so I am actually a digital person.
Originally, there was an old CG animation of the same character that I created a long time ago, but this time I remade it.
I started working in 3DCG production because I thought, “Can’t I do something about contemporary art because it is difficult and incomprehensible? Yes, let’s learn how to make 3DCG and express it in an easy-to-understand way through animation!” That’s how I got my job. At first, I planned to quit as soon as I learned how to make 3DCG, but I enjoyed it so much that I ended up working there for a long time.

I lived in Shanghai for 7 years after that, and this concept also incorporates my own experience of living in China, a virtual enemy of Japan.
I will be making many short animations in which Alien Shimao looks at the earth through the fresh eyes of an alien and tries various things.
However, license fee of my CG software “Autodesk MAYA” is expensive (36,300 yen per month), so I will concentrate on creating the animation when I have a lot of time.

I will continue to produce other series besides the Silent Invader series and make them even more sophisticated.
In particular, the following two series were only my second exhibition, and I was worried about how they would be accepted, but they were well accepted, and I decided to continue producing them.

The next exhibition will be in Yurakucho,Tokyo in October and in Lisbon (it will be in the form of a digital presentation of his works rather than actual works).
↓This is an extra video of Alien Shimao, the alien disco dancer.