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【Fiber Art event info】Inventario 20 Biennale Fiber Art Sardegna – Italy

My artwork belongs to so called “Fiber Art”, but I felt that the Fiber Artis not well known especially in Japan, so I decided to look up information on various Fiber Art related events around the world.

The first event, Inventario 20 Biennale Fiber Art Sardegna.

The website seems to be in Italian only. However, there are many photos of the exhibition.

At first I didn’t know how to read “Sardegna” and wondered where it is, but it turned out to be the Italian island of Sardinia.
Looking at the map again, it’s quite a big island.

A fiber art event on an island sounds like a good idea. The exhibited artworks are mostly contemporary fiber art, which is my favorite type of art.

There was also a video introduction (in Italian) please have a look.

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