Website renewal

Website renewal  Hidemi Shimura

I’ve changed the layout of this website from what has been the same since it was renewed with wordpress in 2017.
I used the wordpress theme that I bought for about $ 50, so I wanted to continue using it so I customized the layout myself and changed to a simple layout that the artworks are categorized by each series on the top page.

As I was working on it, I noticed that the version of the database on the server was still old and needed to be updated, and various maintenance was required, which took more time than I expected.
There were some problems, such as the display becoming strange or not being displayed at all, but I managed to fix it.

The behavior of the menu on the PC is a little strange, so I will continue to fix it little by little.

Also, I’m adding a little bit of the previous work that I haven’t posted yet, especially Added to the list of Silent Invader Series .
Older works are added to the bottom, so it’s not noticeable at all, but it’s increasing little by little.

It seems that I can’t go out freely this year yet, so I thought I want to finish something like I wanted to do since before but I couldn’t spend time for it.