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List of online stores dealing my artworks

This is the list of online stores dealing my artworks. Please check these out.

Japanese Artwork from Japanese Artist – namonai
For overseas customer. They can ship my artworks overseas.
I decided to join this because one of the organizer is from Shanghai where I used to live.

contemporary art online store | gallery tagboat
An online store that has been dealing my artworks since I move back to Japan. Many emerging Japanese artists artworks are also available.

Contemporary art work online shop | Ciima
Mainly sells affordable works. I personally support their startup business by young Japanese people, who said that the first contemporary artwork he purchased was my artwork.

Official online store
An online store that I recently created and operated by myself. Free shipping all over Japan!
But the update hasn’t progressed, and I’m working on it little by little.

I recently created my own online store with a combination of wordpress and the plugin woocommerce, but I found it useful for inventory control of my work.
May be you’ll hesitate to create your own online store, because you don’t know if you can sell or not. But I recommended making it because you can manage the number of works you have, regardless of whether it sells or not.
I felt like I have a lot of works in my stock, but I realized that most of them were very small and I had to make larger ones.

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