Plans for exhibitions and artwork production in 2022

Plans for exhibitions and artwork production in 2022 志村英美, Hidemi Shimura, hidemishimura, contemporaryart, cganimation Hidemi Shimura

This year, I will be exhibiting in Tokyo in August and in Paris and Fukuoka in November.
At that time, I will be exhibiting my representative series, “Silent Invader,” which includes two-dimensional works, short animations, and plush toys, as well as selected works from other series.
I have been focusing on the creation of new series for a while, so the Silent Invaders series had been suspended for a while, but has now resumed again.
I will also remake the 3DCG of Shimao the Alien, a image character from the Silent Invader series, and show his short animation as NFT works.

I used to work as a 3DCG creator and create 3DCG. Although there was a long blank, I have been reviewing how to use the software by watching manuals and videos from time to time since last year, and in the past month, I have revised the 3D model and created some test animation.
There are still some parts that need to be improved, but since I will be creating many short animations over the long term, I will continue to make improvements as I go along.
Since I usually create very analog works, I feel that my works are at both ends of the spectrum, but as for me, I create with the idea that “everything in this world is handmade, even if it is digital.

The reason why now NFT is because the boom has recently passed and prices are finally settling down to a reasonable level.
As I used to work in CG production, I have seen many NFT works that were so bad that I thought it was insane to buy and sell such works for high price so I think it is better that the boom is over.

From now on, Mr. Shimao the Alien will be in these short movies

  • Mr. Shimao waving the flag of world peace
  • Mr. Shimao dancing the samba
  • Mr. Shimao gets on an airplane
  • Mr. Shimao does strange gymnastics
  • Mr. Shimao participates in Halloween
  • Mr. Shimao cries when he watches TV
  • Mr. Shimao scolded by his boss


I am planning to create many short animations.
However, since CG is usually made by a team of many people, and it takes a lot of time and effort to make it by myself, I will be releasing them little by little in parallel with the production of other works.

Plans for exhibitions and artwork production in 2022 志村英美, Hidemi Shimura, hidemishimura, contemporaryart, cganimation Hidemi Shimura↑Silent Invader two-dimensional work, made of embroidery thread

↑Alien Mr. Shimao for testing the movement, Mr. Shimao doing the strange movement of Radio Exercise No. 2.
The texture of the white hair on his face was very difficult.

↑For testing cloth fluttering in the wind, a loop animation of a flag waving around will be created based on this.
The software used is Autodesk Maya.